Finnish wool

Silver and Gold

Garnet gemstones

Finnish birch

Our Materials

For our products we have chosen soft Finnish wool and combine it with natural Finnish birch, Silver, 14K Gold and Finnish gemstones to create a product for you which is a piece of luxury.

Finnish Wool

All of our products are made from the softest 100 % Finnish sheep’s wool and spun locally in Finland by the traditional Pirtin Kehräämö. The yarn is made from the longest fibers of wool to have the softest possible touch in Finnish wool.

Colours in our Naturals Collection are beautiful, natural uncoloured sheep’s tones. Our Exclusive Reds Collection’s intensive red colors are dyed with natural ingredients locally in Finland by Aurinkokehrä.

Finnish Wood

Our brandmarks in the Naturals Collection and gift box are made from Finnish birch locally here in Finland. The material is birch plywood, which is lasercut into shape. Our gift box is designed to be a stunning decorative item and has multiple use possibilities at home.

Recycled Silver and Gold

Our brand jewels in the Exclusive Reds Collection are made from silver or 14K gold. The silver is 90 % recycled and gold is 99 % recycled so the materials are already re-used. The precious metal brand jewelry can be used separately as a jewel afterwards or can be re-cycled and melted into a new piece of jewelry if wanted. Our brand jewelry is proudly made in Finland by a local goldsmith.

Finnish Garnet Gemstones

Our gemstones come from the Finnish Lapland. The gemstone is garnet, witch is mined from Lemmenjoki area in Finland. These gemstones, especially in the sizes we use, are extremely rare in Finland and we are proud to use them in our products. We buy our gemstones from a Finnish jewelry expert.