“When I was a child, I watched my grandfather making jewels and I played with beautiful and colourful gemstones. I even designed some jewels for him to make for me. He was a goldsmith and I have always loved beautiful jewels.

When I started the development process for these products, I knew that I wanted to make beautiful and useful products with sustainable values and defined the most important values for the guidelines to my every step.

Scandinavian Diamonds products are made according to these sustainable values, I have wanted to create products which are at the same time beautiful and full of luxury, as sustainable and ecological as possible, timeless and useful to use for years to come – and truly made locally here in Finland from Finnish materials.

So, we have taken traditional and ecological Finnish wool, which has been use as a warmer for decades and changed it into these superior products. Our wool is spun by one of the most traditional spinneries in Finland and coloured with natural ingredients when needed. We use only the softest possible yarn made from Finnish wool to offer you the best experience from Finnish wool to wear.

Our jewel materials are specially chosen too. We use Finnish birch plywood, re-used silver and gold, Finnish gemstone garnets from Lapland and all of these jewels are made here in Finland. The brand jewels in the Exclusives Collections are even made to be proper Jewels by a Finnish goldsmith and may be worn afterwards as well. You can take the jewel off of the product, put it on a silver or gold chain and use as a jewel if you like. That way there is a reusable circle for the jewel even if you have someday used your product so much that it’s time to have a new one and let the old one go. 

And finally, all of our products are knit by hand by local artisans and you can truly see their hand-touch in every product, those are all unique in their own way.

I personally hope that you fall in love with our products – as much as I have done –  and use them for a long time to keep you warm during the cold winters”

With all my love to you,


Noora Mäkinen

Founder & CEO