Naturals Collection – Gift Card – Choose your favourite Beanie with a birch jewel


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A gift card for Naturals Collection is a perfect Christmas or Valentine’s Day present for your loved one.

With the gift card you can choose a beanie from Naturals Collection in chosen color and style, finished with a brand jewel made from birch. All our beanies are hand made from the softest possible Finnish sheep’s wool in Finland. The colours are naturally un-dyed colors directly from Finnish sheep.


Please notice. After your purchase, you will receive a pdf gift card by email. The pdf gift card includes a personal code to use when ordering the product from our web shop.


Nora, Nina, Nea or Nana – beanie – Choose your favorite style


Natural white 001, Natural light grey 002, Natural light brown 003 or Natural black 004. The colours are naturally un-dyed colors directly from Finnish sheep. Limited availability in all of these colors, we can’t guarantee a certain color when using your gift card later in our online store.


100 % natural Finnish sheep’s wool. The yarn is spun locally in Pirtin Kehräämö, in Finland.

The brand Jewel is made from Finnish birch plywood.


Price 149,00 €


Beanie: One size (54-58 cm) fits all.

Delivery time:

Please notice, some products are made by order only.

The approximate delivery time is 1-3 weeks from order.


About wool:

This product is made from 100 % Finnish sheep’s wool, which is a natural and ecological material. Among the best
properties of wool are its thermal insulation performance, moisture absorbency and breathability.

The yarn is spun locally in Finland to be the softest possible Finnish sheep’s yarn and coloured with natural ingredients.
Although this is a very soft yarn, it still may tickle a bit at the beginning but will soften with use.

Product care:

Wool is a dirt-resistant natural fibre and doesn’t need to be washed often.
Some occasional airing is usually enough to keep it clean and fresh.

If you need to wash your product, please turn it inside out and wash it gently and quickly by hand at 30 degrees with liquid natural wool
washing detergent and do not soak. Re-shape wen wet and dry flat to keep the appearance.

Please note that the brand jewel, as a gentle material, won’t last if soaked and can be scratched easily.
Do not machine wash.


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